Installation of three different interface wiper blades



Installation of three different interface wiper blades

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The universal interface is designed for U-shaped wiper arms commonly used in vehicles on the market today,

and is suitable for most U-shaped interface wipers .


1 Installation diagram


1. Press the wiper blade connector to loosen the interface cover .


2. Open the wiper blade connector cover .


3.Pass the wiper arm through the open wiper blade connector cover, and the hook is aligned with the wiper blade connector .


4. Put the wiper arm U-shaped card into the wiper blade interface and hear “ brittle” , and use the scraper arm to fully buckle into the wiper blade interface .


5. Close the connector cover and gently lower the wiper blade.


6. The installation is complete .


Dedicated interface

The wiper blade of the special-purpose interface is dedicated to the car, and it is subdivided into many different interface types, which makes it unclear.


This is due to the different interface models of different manufacturers and the original manufacturer’s wiper arm interface design .


The following introduces the main types of the main wiper arm interface .


Side trench

For example : classic Fox , Octavia , Passat , Mercedes-Benz

GLK , C-class / E-class , BMW X-series .

Installation diagram (2)



Lingdu / New Sagitar / New Passat / New Octavia / Audi

A4L / A3; Golf 7 generation / polo .

Installation diagram (3)


For example :  Peugeot 307, Roewe 305, new Mondeo, new

wing tiger , BMW X1 , Mercedes-Benz A-class / B-class .

Installation diagram (4)

Rod plug

For example : Renault Megane / Card Fun / MINI COUPE .


Although there are many types of dedicated interfaces, the installation method is not complicated .

See the above installation diagrams basically.

Just select the professional interface wiper blade that matches the wiper arm interface, and the replacement can be replaced simply by plugging and unplugging .


The installation methods of other special-purpose wiper blades are similar in the above two, and are not listed here .


Multi-function interface

For a wide range of wiper arm-specific interface types , the Topex multi-function interface

can be used to match the wiper arm interface of most vehicles on the market .


The multi-function wiper blade has an interface base for

matching and installation for different wiper arm interface

types .


If there are any problems in the follow-up , you can call us

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