Is the glass dirty ?The boiler’s not working!



Is the glass dirty ?The boiler’s not working!

Postview: 226       Date:March 30, 2022

Is the glass dirty ?The boiler’s not working!

After a while, the windshield wipers weren’t clean , and there was a watermark. The only way to do that is to make sure that the glass isn’t clean.
A glass grinder has been used since then, and today it’s finally going to be useful.


To the left:grind the foam, the grinder, the spray.

The  co-pilot side is finished .is the driver’s side already working?

The construction was simple, and the drip of the appropriate dosage was on the glass


Start the grind! The glass on the top of the glass appears to be the true body of the oil film!



The grinding needs to be done in a wet state of glass, or the sponge is hard(The sponge is hard).


The spray will be examined, and if there are any traces of the oil, repeat the steps.



Finally, the water spray is clean, and white something, the glass is very smooth.


A couple of comparisons, that’s great!

Wiper blades aren’t clean. Other reasons:

It’s mostly Muck on the glass.


  • The car stops at the air conditioning of the cool water tower, and the water droplets tear the water off the glass onto the white point, and it’s hard to clean it out;
  • The car was parked under the tree, and the insect’s mucus was glued to the glass;
  • On the high-speed run, it’s an insect-cadaver slime.


Since these items are glued to glass with water and a cloth(just can’t see)it is hard to clean up the fabric, creating uneven surfaces on the glass. That way, there’s a scrape.


Handling measures:

Dip the glass in water and gently touch the glass with you hand, and if it’s not smooth, it means there’s something in it Try rubbing it with warm water a few times, and use the newspaper. It is very smooth to remove the Much that is so hard to clear, and it works well, and then you touch the glass with you hands, and it’s very smooth and you turn on the wipers It’s gonna be very clean.


The above experience does not necessarily suit the other front of the car. But if you look at the water on the glass, it doesn’t feel uneven. Maybe it’s time for a rain check.

Methods the following:
Tell me if the wipers need to be replaced:
(1) When it rains, it feels good to use the rain, but when it rains, it’s raining, and there’s a stain on the glass that wipes out the uneven marks, affecting the view. This suggests that the wipers are hardening and they need to be replaced;

(2) Scrape the rain, fingers in the wipers of the clean rain, and check if there is any damage and rubber blades, if the blades are old. The hardening, the cracks, the replacement;

(3) When the tension in the rain springs weakens, it needs a rain shave. Rain scrapes the rain spring, and closely interacts with the windshield, when the tension in the spring becomes weak. Due to a high-speed drive to the powerful wind pressure in the windshield, the rain is being scraped off, causing some of the glass to not shave off the rain;

(4) If the windscreen is foggy and the drop is something, it creates stripes or localized vagueness, due to the effect of the film, dirty or car max, It doesn’t need to be replaced, just clean the windshield and the wipers. If the wiper blade appears to have localized or small abrasions, use the 2000spandpaper to sharpen the wipers. Because the wipers themselves have a certain thickness, so if you rub off the thin layer, you can still use it. But be sure to keep an eye on the rain-scraping blades while polishing. In general, the rain scraper will be replaced in the first six mothers to a year.