Is the way to polish the wiper reliable ?

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The way to renovate the wiper by sanding the wiper is reliable, but it is very particular about the technique. If the sanding is too violent, or the sandpaper model is wrong, it is easy to deform the blade edge shape and the blade surface. Not worth the candle .


The refurbishment steps are very simple. First remove the wiper and clean it. Then fold the fine sandpaper into the rubber and fold it. Then use the water to wet the surface of the rubber. Use a fine sandpaper to rub gently three or four times from the bottom. Finally, rinse the polished particles and install them back on the wiper arm .



Improper selection of glass cleaner will accelerate the aging of the wiper


This is a small series of personal lessons, Xiaobian New Year at home used detergent to clean the front windshield, do not know if the wiper itself is not good or because of the cleaning agent, it was later found that the progress of the wiper aging accelerated Not as durable as before. Therefore, it is best to use a special vehicle cleaner .



Solve the problem of abnormal sound and beating of the wiper ?


There is an abnormal sound in the wiper, which may be due to the following reasons :


1 . The rubber aging of the wiper ;


2. There is dirt accumulation on the rubber edge of the wiper ;


3. There is dirt on the front glass surface ;


4.The temperature is too low to make the rubber hard ;


5. Frequent use of wipers under abnormal conditions ( such as dry scraping ) .


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If the wiper is abnormally sounded, the owner can solve it by means of  “ smear toothpaste ” .


Specific steps are as follows :


 1. squeeze the strip of toothpaste on the corner of the wet towel .


2 .repeatedly wipe the strip blade ,


3 .Wipe the black dirt wiped off with a towel .


To sum up :


As for the wiper, it can be said that it is a common problem . It belongs to the wearing parts. Basically, when there is a situation where the scratch is not clean and there is abnormal noise, it needs to be cleaned, refurbished or directly replaced .


In addition, we do not have to specifically pursue the soft flat wiper blade. If the original car has a metal wiper blade, when replacing the soft flat wiper blade, we should also pay attention to the bracket pressure of the original car to avoid the situation that is not applicable after replacement .




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