It is necessary to remember five points



It is necessary to remember five points

Postview: 226       Date:March 30, 2022

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Driving on rainy days is inseparable from car wiper blades. However, if this wiper blade is used improperly, it may be scrapped in advance, or the wiper blade may not be clean, which directly affects the driver’s driving and has potential safety hazards. What if the wiper blade is broken? If you have a small problem, we can solve it ourselves. Today, let’s share the five things you need to pay attention to when repairing the wiper blade.


First, the premature retirement of some wiper blades is directly related to improper car wash.

If you do not pay attention to lightly rubbing the front windshield when washing the car, the oil film on the surface is washed off;

First, it is not conducive to the downstream flow of rainwater, causing rainwater to easily stop on the glass surface.

Second, increase the frictional resistance between the rubber sheet and the glass surface. This is also the reason why the wiper blade is suddenly stopped due to scratching. If the wiper blade does not move and the motor continues to run, it will easily cause the motor to burn out.


If there are strong things on the windshield, such as the dry manure of birds such as pigeons, do not use a wiper to scrape directly. Please clean the bird droppings by hand first. These hard things can easily cause partial damage to the sheet of the wiper blade, causing the wiper to wipe off the rain.


It is not advisable to use a wiper blade to remove dust from the surface of the windshield. Even if you want to do this, be sure to spray glass water at the same time. 


Even if there is rain, it should not be scrapped if the rainfall is not large enough to activate the wiper blade. Be sure to wait until there is enough rain on the glass surface. The “sufficient” mentioned here does not block the driver’s sight.


Be sure to use it in the presence of rain. The wiper blade cleans the rain from the front windshield. It can’t be used without rain, and it can never be dried without water. Increased frictional resistance due to waterlessness can cause damage to the rubber blade and wiper motor.

In addition, improper use of automobile wiper blades, including wipers, wiper blades, wipers, etc., will cause the wiper blades to be replaced or not cleaned in advance. The result of scraping the wiper blade is generally a few seconds after the stop of the scraping. Wait a moment for the water on the glass surface to be dried by the wind to achieve the best removal.

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