It is rainy in summer ! Maintain the car wiper action

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Summer is in the rainy season and you need to use the car wiper frequently .



Since many car owners do not pay attention to the maintenance of them on a daily basis , they often have problems when they are used .

The wiper maintenance is very convenient , and the owners only need to pay more attention to maintenance .




Strip streaks : The support point of the wiper arm of the car with a metal wiper blade has not been found, resulting in the wiper rubber
being in full contact with the glass at each part; improper arm pressure or damage to the superstructure,
even unsuitable wiper The film will cause this phenomenon .




Matte streaks : A layer of oily film is distributed on the windshield with the use of wipers, usually due to dirt, dirt or car wax adhering to
the glass; wiper rubber is contaminated by car wax and oil phenomenon .




Fine water phenomenon : When the wiper is brushed over the windshield, there are still small water droplets attached to the glass
surface . This phenomenon is caused by the adhesion of the wax, oil stain or silicide to the windshield, rubber strip or rubber sheet itself .




click ” sound or harsh noise: When the wiper is irregularly swept, it is mostly caused by rubber wear,

damage to the arm and bracket, and aging of the rubber. In the absence of lubrication, there is also a

frictional sound when the wiper sweeps the glass .




Car soft flat wiper blade lift : Today’s vehicle aerodynamics are common , especially on long wiper blades . This phenomenon occurs
when the car is driven at a high speed because the wiper is subjected to wind and the part is not swept .




Rubber strip cracking : The use of rubber strips has a certain life span. After the hot and cold acid and alkali raging, hardening cracks or

peeling are inevitable, and some wiper blades will fall off directly on the wiper arm, if it is of poor quality. The strip of glue will be

damaged more quickly.


Strip hardening: Due to the direct influence of direct sunlight and high temperature, the wiper

strip of the wiper blade hardens and loses its elasticity .





Damage to the superstructure : damage to the wiper bar structure due to damage caused by the ice shovel or external force. Corrosion

of the wiper bar structure or wear of the rubber strip: The weather strip is not good, the cleaning product is improperly used or the

rubber strip formulation is not up to standard, which may cause the edge of the wiper strip to be broken or completely worn .




Stripe fouling : oil stains that have accumulated on the wiper for a long time, and the wax attached to the wiper will create a gap between

the windshield and the windshield, and will not completely wipe the water. If the above situation of the wiper is not solved in time, your

wiper will deteriorate further and scratch the glass, which will seriously affect the safety of driving .








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