knowledge point : wiper blade

After summer exposure, wiper rubber will age and crack .


When using wiper blade , residual stains , streaks , shaking and noise were found on the glass .


That means the wiper blade need to be replaced .



What do you need to know about wiper blade ?


If the windshield is dirty , gently clean the windshield with a cloth before using the wiper blade. Reduce unnecessary wiper blade wear.

Do not dry scrape without spraying glass water, which can easily lead to abnormal wear of wiper rubber and damage of wiper motor .



When wiper blades wiper badly ?


Method : wet wiper blade with water and grind wiper blade back and forth several times with sandpaper .


Then clean with clean water and put back the windshield, this method is only limited to windshield wiper blade slight wear .




The wiper blade replacement is simple .


Wiper blade is usually U hook type, easy to install .


Note , however , that the old and new wipers are the same size .




Heavy rainfall in autumn


For driving safety


Hurry to see if your wipers need to be replaced ?


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