Misunderstandings in the use of wiper blades


” Goodbye , 2020 “


The countdown to 2020 has finally entered a few hours ! ! !

Although this year’s twists and turns, but fortunately

We are all successfully ushering in 2021 .


The importance of wipers is not only reflected in rain and snow .


The wiper blade can clear the sight obstacles for us , so that the driving vision is clear enough to ensure the safety of the driver .

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Misconceptions about wiper blade use


1. Avoid dry scraping and use wiper blades to remove dust on the windshield surface in sunny days .


Be sure to spray glass water before using the wiper blade .


2. Stubborn and hard stains on the glass should be cleaned by hand .


Avoid damaging the rubber , causing it to be cleaned and damaging the wiper blade .


3. If there is a lot of sand on the glass , because the sand on the glass will polish the wiper rubber like sandpaper ,

Causing serious damage to the wiper and possibly scratching the glass .


4. Take the ” back ” of the wiper blade when washing the car and daily cleaning the wiper .


Gently send it back when putting it down , don’t snap the wiper blade back .


5. When using a wiper blade in winter when it snows or freezes ,

The correct method is to use an ice shovel to clean the ice residue on the surface first , so as not to damage the rubber of the wiper .


6. Avoid exposure to the sun in summer.


In addition: to properly clean the wiper blades : especially sand, it is the culprit of wiper wear .


If you do not pay attention to cleaning , it will cause aggravated wear of the wiper rubber strip .




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