Nani ? Jumping brush, abnormal sound, the reason is actually it ?

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With the development of the automotive industry, the wiper technology is very mature, but this device that is essential when driving in rainy days is not innate .



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1. There is dirt on the glass


During the daily car wash and maintenance process, the owner did not clean the glass well, resulting in some dirt and deposits on the front windshield of the car, which led to a decrease in the glass finish. At this time, the owner used the best wiper. If the glass is not cleaned, it will not only affect the driving sight of the owner, but also damage the wiper .



Solution:  Soak the glass with water and gently touch it back and forth on the glass. If the glass surface is not smooth, it indicates that there is foreign matter. When cleaning, you can try to wipe it with warm water several times, then gently rub it back and forth with your hands. You can also use newspapers to remove these hard-to-clear dirt one by one. The effect is good. Touch the glass, it’s very smooth, then turn on the wiper and try it, it will be very clean .



2. Wiper problem


The wiper blade is a rubber product. It will appear aging and hardening for a period of time. It is more obvious in winter. In addition to making a strange sound, it is not clean. The simplest and most effective solution is to directly replace the new wiper strip. . Wiper blades are generally recommended to be replaced from 6 months to 1 year .



3. The sound of the wiper connecting rod bushing friction


When the vehicle is old, the wiper linkage mechanism will be aging, the spring of the wiper arm will decrease, and the bushing will wear or even fall off. At this time, it is necessary to check the wiper arm or the wiper link bushing .




4. The abnormal sound from the wiper motor


If it is found that the wiper motor makes an abnormal noise, it is very likely that the motor needs to be replaced. At this time, you should go to a professional repair shop for more detailed inspection .




5. The owner of the mess with a wiper


The wiper is damaged. Many car owners have a habit of cleaning the windshield with a wiper from time to time and forgetting to spray water. This habit is fatal to the wiper. Directly touching the rubber of the wiper to the glass may cause problems in both the rubber and the glass, causing economic losses to the owner. If the windshield is not clean enough when driving, you can use the wiper to handle it, but be sure to spray it and never dry it .




6. Wiper angle problem


If the wiper is not cleaned due to the angle problem, the owner only needs to debug it .

Debugging method: Hold the wiper with a wrench and then gently turn it to the vertical position .




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How to solve the jump brush ?


The entire wiper can be replaced by 180 degrees (some brackets can be used);



.  The wiper rubber can be pulled out from the bracket and replaced by two ends. Then the bracket will not move, and the leather strip will be exchanged 180 degrees.



.  Adjust the pressure of the wiper arm on the glass (the pressure of the swing arm spring), and simply bend the swing arm by hand; (the pressure problem is not completely scratched to the glass)




However, there is a possibility that no matter how you adjust it, there is no way to solve it.  At this time, it may be caused by the aging of the wiper blade, and it is necessary to replace the wiper in time !





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