Night wind and rain, “wiper” know how much?



Night wind and rain, “wiper” know how much?

Postview: 203       Date:March 30, 2022

Spring sleep do not feel dawn, everywhere smell birds.

Night wind and rain, “wiper” know how much?

Once, Socrates said, know yourself.

Today, topex want to say, know your wiper.

 Know your wiper

The front wiper system of a regular household car generally includes these parts: wiper blades (main and auxiliary), wiper arm, wiper motor assembly (wiper motor, wiper motor link)

Wiper blade is the core of the former wiper system, the current market wiper blade products can be divided into the following three categories:

Have a bone wiper;

Also known as the traditional wiper, is the early wiper products, mainly through the metal skeleton will wiper arm pressure to the wiper strip, to achieve scraping effect.

No bone wiper;

Also known as flat blade, is very popular in recent years, the type of wiper, mainly through one or two metal reed wiper arm pressure will be passed to the wiper strip, to achieve scraping effect, from the overall design Said, no bone wiper blade from the wiper design, the force point, the impact of driving vision and other aspects have obvious advantages.

Three-stage wiper;

In recent years, the type of wiper, mainly in the bone wiper or no bone wiping the diversion of the site to do a special design, there are three sections of structure, can effectively play the diversion effect and pressure control.

How to choose your wiper?

When purchasing wiper products, the most important letter is twofold:

  1. Wiper interface.
  2. Wiper size.
  • Common wiper interface:

  • Common Size:

Wiper length: the general situation, the former wiper size 350mm-750mm, after the wiper size 160mm-400mm.

How do I install a wiper?

  1. Topex Any wiper product that contains detailed installation steps on the product package.
  2. If you have questions or difficulties in installing, please contact our professional technician.
  3. If you are hands-on ability, you want to personally replace the wiper for the car, topex also prepared for you to install a different interface video; can be directly in the official website access to video.

Wiper replacement cycle

For better scraping and safety, topex recommends that you replace the wiper once a year and regularly check the wiper system including wiper arm and wiper motor.


Owners can also determine the replacement of your wiper according to the following circumstances:

1.Wipe the area appears striated / filament;


2.Wiping area appears misty;


3.wiper beat and restlessness


4.large area scraping is not clean


Wiping said: now understand it!

Topex wiper from the heart, love you love,

Give the car a better protection,

But also you a clear world,

Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the road.

Topex clean and silence!