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Everyone will use a wiper on a rainy day. How can I use my wiper for a longer time ? Xiaobian to analyze and analyze for you, how to make your wiper use longer ?


I think some people complain that they have to change one in a month. Is there such an exaggeration ?


Look at the reply. Yes, I will use it if I can’t move it. It will be bad if I use It .


In fact, different usages, the life of this wiper will vary a lot. Topex everyone share your experience .



First of all, the wiper must be scraped when there is water, not the dry glass, you will directly scratch it. ( Do not dry dry scraping )


This friction will be very large. When the rubber strips are in contact with the dust, rub it over and scratch the glass directly, or it will scratch your wiper .


This friction will be very large. When the rubber strip is in contact with the dust, scratch it and scratch the glass directly .


And the greater the resistance, the motor of the wiper itself needs more power, and the time is longer. If your car configuration does not have a particularly large margin, it may also be burnt .




How to make your wiper last longer ?


Some models are sprayed with water and then wiped with a windshield. This is not a big problem. Some of them are wiped once by the rain and then sprayed with water. This will not work. You can look at your own model, the one that can spray water first is usable, no problem .



When there is a foreign object on the windshield: What kind of bird’s stool or leaves, all kinds of small hairs and fruits that fall under the tree, I am talking about these things. You don’t want to see anything, you use a wiper to scrape, it is easy to scratch .



Another thing is that when the car is parked for a long time, there is a layer of gray or the place where the stop is dirty .



This kind of ash tends to be small. You look like it is like you took a big water sandpaper, honed it over there, and it is still irregular, especially hurting the wiper .



Everyone must pay attention to it, don’t be afraid of trouble, make a napkin and gently rub it, then spray some water, so scrape it !



Otherwise, the sticky thing has been on it for a long time. This rubber is soft and deformed.



So let’s talk about it now, have you discovered that the biggest enemy of the wiper is two, one is dust, and the other is tree.



Parking should not stop under the tree, what kind of messy oil, mud, fruit, bird droppings, will make our wipes have a very large burden.



There is dust, look at the thin layer does not seem to have much, then scrape it on the line, but often this is particularly damaged, then get off the car and rub it just fine.



Stop as much as possible and stop under the tree. When you see dust, use a paper towel to wipe it off first, effectively extending the life of the wiper.



If you are still a friend who is not afraid of trouble, you don’t need a car for a long time or two or three days to stop at such a large sandstorm. You put the wiper up and put it up, don’t stick it on the surface of this glass, wipe your wiper. Life is also very helpful .



If it is really broken, don’t tangled, replace the wiper in time, and topex will solve your worries .






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