On the self-cultivation of Topex wipers



On the self-cultivation of Topex wipers

Postview: 229       Date:March 30, 2022

Rainy day, rain affect traffic sight line how to do? Then you need to wiping the film played it! Do not underestimate it, wiper blade, but driving the necessary weapons.

Whether it is front window wiper or rear window wiper, are driving safety plays a vital role. Good quality wiper blades, can bring a clear vision, travel safety, Topex for your guard!


When do you need to replace the wiper blades?

It is understood: a lot of owners to replace the wiper blade is not much concept, that as long as the wiper blade can not scrap the need to replace it! In fact, the car wiper is a consumable in the auto parts, if the wiper blade wipe effect decreased significantly, clean the windshield wiper scraping water can not achieve the purpose; wipers running intermittently, then the proposed replacement wiper blade.

Well, the question is coming!

How to pick wiper blades?


Best wiper blade must be durable, heat resistantcold, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance,can be a good fit windshield. Low noise, water and strong, reduce the burden on the motor, soft and not scratch the windshield, etc .; eventually reach the purpose of clear vision.

The wiper blades do not use tires and other configurations too often, seemingly small and simple, but the standard is very particular about.


It is recommended that when selecting a wiper blade,first select the wiper blades suitable for the purchased model. Second, pay attention to check whether there is damage and rubber leaf elasticity, to prevent the selection of the blade hardening, cracks and other unqualified wiper blades. Check the wiper state, and whether the wiper pole swing or uneven phenomenon, to prevent the swing is not smooth, wipers are not normal beating. After installation, carefully observe the wiper blade and glass surface is fully fit, to ensure that no wipe residue, resulting in fine stripes; pay attention to the wiper blade in the movement is to maintain a certain speed.



Try to choose brand wiper

Currently on the market wipers dazzling, what brand has, but still recommend the purchase of regular manufacturers of brand wipers. I believe Topex is a very good choice,window wiper made in china .In Xiamen has its own wiper blade factory,is the wiper blade manufacturer.


For the needs of customers with“universal wiper”  https://www.topexwiper.com/t-500-metal-wiper-blade

“special wiper”  https://www.topexwiper.com/t-55-volkswagen

“custom wiper”

Hybrid wiper”  https://www.topexwiper.com/t-u190-4-in-1-multi-fit-hybrid-wiper-blade

“multi-functional wiper”and”real wiper blade”  https://www.topexwiper.com/t-300-multi-fit-rear-wiper-blade


Xiamen Topex Auto Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of wipers, design, production, sales and service of the manufacturer. To create 100%windshield wiper cover&fit,100%cleaning Perfect wiper as the target.


Style: unique design, novel, stylish, unique style.

Function:heat, cold, corrosion resistance.

Economically: can be sold in bulk,Affordable.


In the Topex wiper blade guard your driving safety at the same time, also need every car owner care! Let it be better for rainy days to do a safe trip it!


Topex clean and silence!