Original car use coated wiper blade ?



Original car use coated wiper blade ?

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Coated Wiper Blades

Coated wiper blade : Many people are now asking about new products , coated wiper blades .

For this reason , we will popularize relevant knowledge and pros and cons from the perspective of engineering technology .


The coated wiper blade is actually a silicone wiper blade !


When using , use silicone rubber to rub on the glass surface for a long time ( 5-10 minutes ) , so that the silicone compound contained in the silicone rubber ( silicone compound will reduce the surface tension of water and easily form small water droplets ) adhere to the barrier .

On the surface of the wind glass , a layer of hydrophobic substance similar to lotus leaves is formed .

This is not a new technology . Many umbrellas , raincoats , and special clothing materials contain this substance .


The use of silicone wiper blades originated in Japan .

Why are there so many benefits ?


Silicone wiper blades are not used in the whole vehicle because of the disadvantages of silicone wiper blades :


1. All coated products are inseparable from oily silicon elements , and automotive glass is graded tempered glass ,

which cannot absorb the substance molecules , resulting in the formation of a non-dry silicon film on the surface of the windshield glass .


The silicon element combines with the dust in the air and oxidizes, causing the mixture attached to the glass surface to not fall off for a long time , the glass is opaque, and the light is scattered ; there will be a mist that is difficult to disappear when scraped .


A series of problems such as the sound of the wiper blade , the jitter , the blur of the whole wiper blade ( this is the silicon element increases the sliding resistance of the wiper blade glass surface ) , the glass will turn yellow over time .


2. There is no standard matching silicone wiper blade , the reason is that it cannot pass the safety and quality certification :


the residual fog when scraping .

At night , when the front vehicle lights are illuminated , it will cause astigmatism and glare, which will affect driving safety .


3. The oily silicon element adheres to the glass and is difficult to remove .

To remove the coating on the glass surface , a cleaning agent with abrasive paste function must be used to remove it .

Silicon will increase the sliding resistance of the wiper on the glass surface .


4. Silicone wiper blades are not wear-resistant and have poor tear resistance .

This performance is less than 20% of natural rubber : the triangular blade part is easy to break .

 Once the blade edge is worn , it will cause hard to disappear water mist on the windshield , which seriously affects driving safety .


5. The auto glass factory only developed Plexiglas that has water repellent effect ,

but failed to break through the gradual tempered glass coating .

Plexiglas is expensive , so there are only a few models with a water repellent effect on the whole car glass .

The original car wiper blades are generally natural,Rubber wiper blades .


6. At present , Germany’s Mercedes-Benz , BMW , Volkswagen , American GM , Ford , Chrysle r, Japan’s Toyota , Honda , Nissan , Mitsubishi and other world-renowned automakers all use natural rubber wiper blades without exception .


At present , there is a series of silicone wiper blades in the after-sales market .

However , the size and limitations of the market make it not mass production. Of course , you can order it if you need it .

Therefore , when choosing wiper blade products , you should choose the appropriate wiper product according to your own needs , and don’t be fooled by sales promotion !


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