Original Factory Wiper Blade



Original Factory Wiper Blade

Postview: 201       Date:March 30, 2022

Why choose the original factory wiper blade?

What’s the most important thing about driving on a rainy day? Clarity of vision.

The rainwater that wipes the windshield rainwater becomes “The mission of the wiper blade”.

How can you enjoy a trip during the rainy season or other bad weather?

TOPEX independently produced wiper blade, to provide you with a full range of safety protection.


safety protection


1. Ingenious soft flat design

The wiper blade adopts a soft flat design, without any gap or hole between rubber and metal, and completely fits the windshield surface, ensuring even pressure.


2. Multiple strict tests before delivery

Each Topex factory wiper blade not only passed the acid 、base、alkali; ozone and other chemical tests.

From + 80℃ to -40℃ extreme temperature test.

( Excellent performance even in sub-zero conditions ).


3. Quiet and stable

The original wiper blade reduces noise decibels effectively.

When used at high speed, the wiper blade has no jitter.

Maintain good wiper performance and clear vision at all times.


4. Longer service life

Under the condition of good cleaning performance, the service cycle of an original wiper blade is up to hundreds of thousands of times.

TOPEX wipers are made of plastic parts ( fittings ) made from raw rice, which are safe and reliable and will not cause sudden fracture during use.

TOPEX will continue to make the safest wiper blade as the mission of all employees.


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