Proper use of wiper blade


You know what windshield wiper blade do ,

Clean the windshield of your car on a rainy day ,

So , what are the correct ways to use wiper blade ?



1 . Avoid dry scraping


Be sure to use a professional glass cleaner ( glass water ) .

Never blow dry without water ; Otherwise the wiper

rubber will be seriously damaged .



2 .  Reduce sun exposure


The vehicle was parked in the hot sun , the front windshield was very hot ,

The wiper rubber that used to be glued to the glass will age faster because of the heat .

When the car is parked in the outdoor parking lot , we can erect the windscreen ;


Reduce the rubber contact of the wiper and prolong the service life of the wiper blade .



3 . Don ‘ t change the size of the wiper blade


When discovery is brushed gently not clean , can come through fine sandpaper burnish renovate, have certain effect .


If the wiper is not clean or serious or old, please replace the wiper as soon as possible .


It is also relatively simple to replace , the most important thing is that it can ensure that you can see clearly enough in the rain ,

avoid the existence of safety hazards .



It’s best to stand up the windshield wiper blade when parking .





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