Rain wiper blade are essential


2019 The End Of August


Driving on a rainy day can’t do without wipers .


Wipers are generally known to be worn or aged and need to be replaced .


Doesn’t draw much attention from car owners .


Most of the accidents in rainy days are caused by poor vision , so we should not be careless .





1. How to use the wiper blade correctly ?


The quality of the wiper depends mainly on whether it is dry or not .


For example: whether there is residual water mark , there is no abnormal sound , or there is no beating phenomenon wiper .


If the above problems, do not rush to change the wiper , first to check the use of a car environment and then make judgment .




The service life of general wiper blade is 6 months ~1 year .


Service life is determined according to the operating environment .



Long-term park is in the parking lot of open air , insolate, the material such as a large number of dust, resin was left on glass , do not

clear direct use wiper, can affect the life of the rain scraper .



Dirty glass can also lead to the beating of the wiper , or even scratched glass .



Try cleaning the glass with cleaning agent .





Pay attention to the safety of driving on rainy days .



Driving safety is a top priority .



Choose a safe wiper to meet the driver’s needs .



Topex provides the safest protection for you and your family .









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