Rainy summer car care should pay attention



Rainy summer car care should pay attention

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In summer, hot and rainy weather is the climate that most regions will face. How to deal with such weather is not only what we have to think about. The car that works in such an environment every day should pay attention. How to make your car work more smoothly on summer rainy days depends on how you are maintaining it .


[ The rain started the engine powerless ]

The key to the rainy season is the maintenance of the engine’s “heart” & the engine. When the owner of the vehicle encounters the phenomenon that the engine is not easy to start in rainy weather, sometimes even if it is forced to start up, it is weak.


Solution: The biggest reason for this is the leakage due to moisture from the ignition system. Once it is discovered that the ignition system is wet and the ignition is poor and the engine performance is degraded, dry and dry paper towels or dry cloth can be used to dry the inside and outside of the distribution board and the wires. If it is due to aging, it must be replaced in time .


[ Do not ignore the wiper failure ]

If you often drive in heavy rain, the unclear sight is bound to be the biggest hidden danger. The importance of the wiper is obvious. At this time, if the wiper is in a state of occurrence, such as vibration or abnormal sound, then you should be careful, because it is likely that it is warning you.


Solution: The increase of rainfall during the rainy season will inevitably cause the wiper to take more responsibility. The inspection and maintenance of the wiper should be more careful. Because the rainy day’s road surface and sight are not conducive to driving, if the wiper can not wipe off the rain well, it will bring great danger to the driving, the wiper at this time plays a very important role, so it is necessary to check and maintain it More careful place. If the leaves age, harden or crack, they should be replaced in time. The task of replacing the blades is not complicated and you can do it yourself.


We often ask, how to reduce the cost of car-raising cars, or the phrase, the car is not in maintenance, the owners of car owners can pay more attention to some maintenance skills, convenient and comfortable car at the same time, but also save a lot of repairs Car costs, why not.


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