Replace the soft flat wiper blade strip with your own hands !

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The autumn wind is coming, and the rain is getting more and more. How long has your wiper blade been replaced?


A few days ago, someone asked how to replace the strip, and you can replace it with your suggestion.


Disclaimer: My topex soft flat wiper blade is safe and secure.




A full set of tools: a pair of pliers, a word screwdriver, a utility knife, a soft flat wiper blade, a new strip of plastic; a total of 5 pieces.



First, rub the old rubber strip on the wiper blade by hand, mainly at both ends. One can slide and one can’t slide. We have to start from the side that can’t slide!




At this time, the word-and-mouth screwdriver will be put on the battle. Simply screw it a few times and the buckle will separate!  (Appropriate force, don’t fly the buckle )




Separate the split sheath and the intermediate sheath. (as shown)







Bring a new strip of glue, from the flat bottom to the scraper, there are a total of 3 mezzanine layers. We use the mezzanine on the flat bottom to remember that it is wrong. As shown above, the mezzanine on the corner .

 After putting it on, adjust the adjustment as appropriate. If the strip is a bit long, use a utility knife to cut it to the appropriate length. Then complete the assembly according to your own disassembly.




Put on the buckle and finish !


Both are completed, and the single takes about 4 minutes. Topex wiper blades, the product is suitable for more than 96% of the models.

It’s easier to change the amount of glue strips than to go to the 4s store.


DIY yourself , lots of fun!


As for the scraping effect after loading, who knows who! quality up up !


Topex guarantees the quality of metal wiper blades or soft flat wiper blades, high quality rubber strips and high temperature resistance. Extend the best use of the wiper to ensure a longer security for your vision.


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