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This year’s white Christmas brings a fresh New Year atmosphere, but it also leaves a big snow to foreign friends in Russia, Britain, Germany, Vancouver and so on.

Open the door early in the morning, a crystal white fairy tale world.

Then the problem is coming!    How do we go out?

Above the windows are all snow? This time you need an advanced snow wiper blade !

ModelSnow wiper blade for Russia, Japan North America North Europe market with Multi Clip!
ApplicationFit for 98% car.
Life Circle1,000,000 times use
Natural RubberLong-lasting AAA Class Powder Liquid Graphite
SpecificationSGCC prevents the corrosion of structure.
100% sealed covering(EPDM-synthetic rubber)
Special formulation for low temperatures down to -40
Multi-Cap in, coverage 98% of cars.
Competitive Advantage1.) ISO 9001 & TS16949 Aproved OEM Manufacturer
2.) Easy installation on Pin and J-hook arm designs.
3.) Good And Stable Quality with Favorable Price
Advanced Features1.) Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel frame, 100% QC inspection for the best quality.
2.) Fulcrum dispersion the pressure reasonably and stainless backing make the same pressure.
3.) Blades are available to fit most US, Asian or European vehicles.
4.) High quality  construction means NO judder, blade lift off or Wiping noise.
Packaging Details:Color Box, Blister Card, PP Box, 50pcs/carton
Export PortXiamen,China
wiper blade1




Q: As we all know, winter outdoor parking icing is inevitable, wipers freeze how to do?

A: Wrong practice: × direct rinse thawing with hot water. This practice is actually a very harmful vehicle thawing method, because the window on the lower temperature, easy to wash with hot water will be the window with the temperature change and burst, wiper deformation.

A: Correct approach: the air conditioning to the maximum hot air,adjusted to the windshield before the wind mode, so that natural wiper open.


① Slow and steady driving. Do not hurry to hit the steering wheel, turning should be slowed down in advance, appropriate to increase the turning radius, to prevent the rapid rotation caused by skidding.

② Try to avoid parking in the snow because of difficulties in restarting. If you have to park your car downhill, make sure you have enough space to get out of the parking space.

Snow travel, prepared in advance.

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