Seven small steps for easy installation of the car wiper .

Step / Method Step 1 :


Remove the original wiper …


First, set up the wiper


Step 2:  Hold down the clip below! Move out .


Step 3:  Remove the wiper of the original car from one side, but be careful not to let the rocker arm bounce back to smash the front windshield …


Step 4:  Turn the front end of the middle clamp up and install it easily …


Step 5:  After inserting the middle clamp, tighten! I heard the ” bright ” sound and it was in place !


Step 6:  Some models have different driver’s and co-pilot wiper sizes. They are usually long in the driver’s seat. The co-pilot is short. Don’t pretend to be reversed. Two identical sizes don’t matter …


Step 7:  Install the co-pilot wiper and look at the direction! Tighten as hard as you hear ” brittle ”  …



The End




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