Small wiper, heavy in traffic .



Small wiper, heavy in traffic .

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The wiper is mainly divided into two types : skeleton and skeleton. It is basically a boneless wiper without a skeleton, because the wiper and the front glass are tightly attached, and the scratch is cleaner and meticulous . It is not easy to leave water marks .


Let’s talk about the commonly used soft flat wiper blade . The working mechanism of the wiper is to sweep the wiper arm to achieve the water and dust on the glass through the wiper electric motor. The brush motor controls the swing speed by adjusting the power of the wiper motor through the buttons in the car. The working mechanism and the bone wiper It is the same, but in use, we should pay attention to adjust the rhythm of the motor according to different situations. Do not appear that the water and dust are small and the speed of the swing is fast and the glass has floating dust but the front glass is dry .



The partners who drove in the rain know that the rain is strip-shaped on the front windshield, and the pieces are smashed from top to bottom, and the faster the car, the more water. If the wiper is old, even if the rate you adjust is correct, it is still not clean, and the blurred vision is too big a safety hazard. Usually we must pay more attention to check the status of the wiper, especially on hot days, the rain often hits. If the wiper does not give force, it is still a short time for safety. “After anchoring” on the side of the road !



Many partners are more economical. When changing the wiper, they may choose to have a skeleton. In fact, the total price is not too large. This money is really nothing compared with a clearer line of sight .



Why do most people choose boneless skeletons now ? Because many of the glass in front of the car are curved on the curved surface, the fusion of the bone and the glass is not enough. It is easy to scratch the front window after a long time, and then there will be a flaw between the wiper blade and the front glass. The squeaking sound, and the wiper will tremble, the cleanliness is the king .



The wiper brush should also pay attention to maintenance, strong sun, sand, acid etching, and long-term lack of liquid in the wiper cleaning solution are factors that reduce the duration of the wiper. So, do we protect our “wiper generals” in normal times? We can spray some wax on the wiper brush after each brushing. This small method can increase the length of the “wiper general” for a certain period of time. We can also buy a little wiper cleaning solution because the wiper cleaning solution is “wiper.” The general’s best partner. In fact, the wiper brush that buys a lot of big factory goods is the best choice, the use time is longer, and the scraping effect is good. For the wiper brush, we have to treat ourselves like our eyes. After all, he helped us to sweep the road ahead in the wind, sand and rain, and to protect us all the way .





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