A small wiper, great effect !



A small wiper, great effect !

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About the wiper


For the driving in the rain, when the rain brush can not effectively remove the rainwater on the windshield glass, or the scraping is not clean, the equipment is ineffective and loses its safety. In the rainy days, the traffic accident rate caused by the unclear vision caused by the wiper is 10 times higher than usual !



A small wiper, great effect !


To avoid this, first make sure our wipers are good enough and reliable. You don’t want to rain every time, you can only stop at the roadside and wait for the rain to stop ? 



What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of wipers ?



In today’s era of soft flat wipers, there are metal wiper styles that occupy less market share. Some models currently use metal wipers ( topex also has some self-developed metal wipers before the blog has introduced about metal wiper blade ) . The reason is not only that it is “cheap”, but it has its own advantages compared with the soft flat wiper blade ( The best for your car ) , let us first understand :



In fact, due to the design structure problem, the soft flat wiper blade has a large improvement in aerodynamics compared with the traditional metal wiper. It can almost completely eliminate the motion jitter caused by the wind when the car is driving at high speed, so that the blade is against the glass. The wear level is reduced to a minimum, and it is better than a metal wiper in terms of noise and fit. In addition, the design of the soft flat wiper blade is simple and the structure is light and small, which has no small benefit for the extension of the life of the wiper motor .



At present, many models except for some low-end and mid-range cars, most models will not use metal wipers for cost consideration. Since the pressure of each support point of the metal wiper blade is more even, the degree of wear is also average, the friction between the wiper blade and the glass is not easy to occur, and the price is relatively cheaper due to the simple structure .



Nowadays, soft flat wiper blade occupy the mainstream of the market, but metal wiper blade have been improving. From many mainstream wiper brands in recent years, we have been continuously updated with metal wiper blade. It can be seen that under the continuous optimization of the structure, there is no metal wiper blade. The soft flat wiper blade differs a lot and the replacement cost is lower .



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