Soft flat wiper blade and metal wiper blade Which is better ?



Soft flat wiper blade and metal wiper blade Which is better ?

Postview: 236       Date:March 30, 2022

When we buy a wiper, don’t blindly pursue it . Here’s why most cars use soft flat wiper blade .


Soft flat wiper blade and metal wiper blade The so-called ” bone ” refers to the skeleton supported on the rubber strip, if there is only a rubber strip and there is really no ” bone “.

The wiper will not work, so we are shopping .


The importance of the wiper is the quality of the bones !


  The difference between soft flat wiper and metal wiper


1、The soft flat wiper is mostly iron connection, the strength is high and it is not easy to be deformed, and the down pressure is large when used, so the application surface is wider , and the service life is longer and the cost is low .


 2The metal wiper is not really no skeleton, just use a molding method to shape the plastic skeleton , some long-sized wipers must be matched with the steel card to achieve the perfect effect ,

so if you buy a wiper , if your model does not The driver of the original matching non- soft flat wiper model should pay attention to it. Not all wipers are suitable for your car .

The curvature of different glass is different. The original wiper has different shapes, and the effect is worse .




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