Soft flat wiper blade notes

The soft flat wiper blade is made of rubber, steel, wiper sheath and plastic parts .


Soft flat wiper blade is to rely on a whole guide force bar to disperse pressure , make the force of each part of the blade uniform, can

reduce water mark , the generation of wipe mark , achieve better scraping brush effect .



1 . Wear resistance :


The perfect combination of soft flat wiper blade and aerodynamics can completely eliminate the vibration caused by wind when the car is driving at high speed and minimize the abrasion of wiper blade on the glass .



2 . Wiper tightness :


The rubber knife edge is divided precisely and evenly, and the knife edge plane is smooth, which guarantees the high efficiency of water scraping and airtight performance, and wipes the water-free mark .



3. Mute :

Clear, quiet, flexible, no bounce, elastic return to normal .



4. No scratch :


This soft flat wiper blade brush head has no steel frame , so wear evenly , will never be the skeleton of the ordinary wiper wiper scraping cold screen .



5. More economical and widely used :


No need to replace the wiper arm, just replace the original car traditional skeleton wiper blade, more economical .

Can accommodate more than 97% of the windshield .








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