Some features of soft flat wipers

T-01 Windshield Wiper Blade

Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of soft flat wiper blade .


1. Soft flat windshield wiper and curved glass fit tightly and bear even force .

The squeegee is coated with carbon film to ensure a quieter , smoother and cleaner scraping .


2. Designed with aerodynamic principles , the scraper will not be lifted by the air flow when the vehicle is running at high speed to ensure a clearer wipe .


3. The middle strip of the wiper blade structure is flat and wide, which has the effect of shading and anti-aging .

4. The use of non-framework floating steel sheet structure can eliminate movement and shaking .

Compared with the bone wiper blade type , it has longer life , lighter weight and stronger adhesion .


5. The rubber strip and cover spring are made of ozone and ultraviolet resistant rubber materials , which can adapt to different climatic conditions .


6. Compared with the metal wiper blade , the soft flat wiper blade assembly is simpler and more convenient .

It only needs to be installed manually without using other tools .




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