Suitable for Audi wiper car wiper blades

Ω  OE Customized : Yes 

Type :  Car Wiper

Model:  Topex – Audi – front wiper blade



Type:  Special car

Applicable models:  Audi all models

Scraper arm assembly:  400-800 (mm)



Wiping angle:  180° (°)

Motor rated voltage:  12/24 (V)

Wiper range:  overall wiper



Material:  Rubber

Origin:  Fujian

Fit model:  Audi full range



Audi full car system interface display






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1Side buckle


Fix the internal rubber strip to prevent the rubber from moving. The card cover is designed with barbs. It is not removable and will not be removed .




2Special connector


Special joint, the base is made of metal and stable. The installation is quick and easy, no tools are required, and the corresponding model interface is adapted .






The surface structure adopts a simple design and is simple and fashionable, reducing wind resistance, reducing motor load, and surface matt treatment .



4Rubber boot


Each rubber is provided with a protective cover to prevent the rubber from being scratched and worn. ( Please remove the rubber protective cover when using )



5Main shrapnel (steel sheet)


The memory shrapnel is fired at a high temperature, and the arc is stamped and formed once, and the resilience is good, and the windshield is attached .




6Rubber strip


Grade A rubber, moderately soft, does not pull the crack and the windshield fits tightly and produces a clean wiping effect. The surface is German ink treatment. ( Different strip grades, the effect is different )




Note :  At present, the surface treatment of most of the wiper rubber on the market is graphite spraying. Normally, the graphite powder will be consumed for 1-3 months. The rubber surface is not lubricated, which is easy to cause blurred vision and the beating of the wiperdamage. Topex’s choice of wiper surface treatment technology is to use German ink for rubber surface treatment. The surface lubrication and adhesion are still in the normal use of the wiper for 8-12 months. This provides longer, clearer, more lubricious and quieter to ensure driver safety .




Pressure distribution



Wiping principle :


The main boom is subjected to the pressure and swing of the motor of the automobile. The two brackets at the two ends are evenly distributed to the respective fulcrums, and the two-wing resilient steel sheet is stabilized by the positive steel sheet and balanced. The rubber wiping effect is ensured to form a balanced water film to ensure a transparent view .





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