How to buy BMW 5 Series Wiper Blade?

I often see friends on the network reflect that I bought the windshield wipers, always feel not clean, and there is noise.

But when it comes to buying a windshield wiper, the price is high, and some drivers choose a brand wiper.


Why does this happen?

It may be that the windshield wipers you bought don’t apply to your car.

In fact, for most of the owners to buy wiper not too big concept, think it is ok to sort out casually, not in advance do some homework about buying wiper, wiper professional knowledge.


Topex flat wiper blade through unique formula, strip the wipers can give the best support, reduce the production of water marks, scratches, and can reduce the production of wiper jitter and noise, prolong the wiper best use effect.


WIPER : Travel safety is essential !!!

Flat wiper blade & OE Type Series


Apply to left 一hand driving car



TOPEX|Wiper Blades > Flat Wiper Blade > OE Type Series > T-25 BMW 5 Series wiper blade


Model: Windshield Wiper Blade T-25
Type: OE Type
Which Cars: BMW 5 Series



1. Aerodynamic stream guidance design

2.Intergated high-carbon metal with great bounce and anti-rust to provid longer life

3.A water repellent coating on the surface of 100% rubber ensure no streaking and clearer visibility

4.Fit for almost 95% car models in markets

5.Easy installation


Excellent After Service

Professional Products

Reliable Quality

Extensive Experience Of OEM





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