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If there is no wiper, what about the rain  ?  ? ?


From the birth of the first modern car 1885 to the early twentieth century a period of time, car wiper this device also did not appear on, the driver had to open the window while driving on a rainy day, because can’t see the road, often have an accident.


After years of development, people not only invented the several types of wiper, in addition to the intermittent wiper, currently many models have been equipped with induction type automatic wiper system, it can automatically adjust according to the size of the rainfall wiper swing speed.Such a wiper system adds a rainfall sensor that USES light to scatter light through the glass and raindrops, judging the amount of rain on the glass by the intensity of the light reflected back.


Now let’s take protagonist out , OE type series T-40 wiper blades.

Left Hand Driving & Right Hand Driving .




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The wiper has a new type of advanced carbon steel spring plate design, which provides a more durable and uniform distribution of the force point of the whole wiper blade , In order to surpass the ordinary wiper , the wiper blades is maintained .


Aerodynamic design.This kind of tournament style arc design has the elimination of noise and super aerodynamic performance.The windshield wiper has a waterproof and backflow design.The design can quickly and continuously resist the pressure of ultraviolet, ozone, high and low temperature and other harsh external environment in each chip area.Thus prolong the service life and performance of wiper blades.


Model: Windshield Wiper Blade T-40

Type: OE Type

Which Cars: Peugeot 307 Volvo S80/XC90



①. Aerodynamic stream guidance design

②. Intergated high-carbon metal with great bounce and anti-rust to provid longer life

③. A water repellent coating on the surface of 100% rubber ensure no streaking and clearer visibility

④. Fit for almost 95% car models in markets

⑤. Easy installation


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