T-500 Metal Wiper Blade-Made of refined steel



T-500 Metal Wiper Blade-Made of refined steel

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The skeleton of the product is made of refined steel, which is designed with the principle of air.Under the correct installation condition, the high speed driving time, can maintain good working condition.

Malaysia rubber (currently considered one of the best rubber in the world), Malaysia’s rubber has obvious anti-aging performance and resistance performance.Durable and anti-corrosive, with good wiping effect and mute effect.



1.4 in 1 Adapter

2.6mm A-class Rubber

3.1.0mm Thickness

4.6 or 8 Claws For Choice



Totally 3 kinds of quality for choice




● Metal Wiper Blade Structure:



①.Stents Bushing:Reduce the friction between the moving parts, improve the water transfer performance, and extend the life of the wiper.


②.Adapter : Simple installation and firm structure.


③.Primary Lever : Air liquid mechanics design to prevent wind – lift effect.


④.Molded tail end:It is closely combined with the wiper support to ensure the smooth movement of the water.


⑤.Secondary Lever:Multi – pivot and stainless steel liner make the pressure evenly distributed between the windshield and windshield.


⑥.Water scraper:Natural rubber scraper, improve the water quality, extend the life of the wiper, reduce the noise.


Unique design ,Easy installation, Travel is safely.

T-500 frame wiper blade Fit for almost 95% car models in markets





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