T-U191 Multi-fit Series Hybrid Wiper Blade



T-U191 Multi-fit Series Hybrid Wiper Blade

Postview: 228       Date:March 30, 2022


① T-U191

U-191 Three-Stage Wiper Blade Specification


Type: Soft flat wiper blade

Model: Multifunctional

Applicable Models: Car Sedan

Scraper Arm Assembly: 650 (mm)

Wiping Angle: 180 (°)

Motor Rated Voltage: 12 (V)

Wiper Range: Partial Wiper

Material: AA Rubber


Ordering Instructions

Place of Origin: Xiamen

Part Number: T-U191

FOB Price:

Order Quantity: 2

Supply Ability: 3

Port: 4

Payment Terms: 5


② T-U191.png

③ T-U191.png

 Directional Analysis  



④ T-U191.png


1. New type air guide design

Reducing wind resistance, avoiding being lifted by airflow at high speeds, and making the wiper more stable. 

2. The first precision interface

Suitable for 98% of the models, the installation is simple and the combination is firm.

3. Directional sports armour appearance

Ensure that the upper and lower force transmission is flexible. According to the curvature of the windshield, it can be applied in real-time and evenly applied.

4. Malaysia imported rubber

professionally designed with multiple processes, non-fading graphite surface coating, double micro-cut edges, and unique rubber technology.

5. An upgraded version of stainless steel shrapnel

Left + right dual power configuration 

6. The hidden orientated mechanical inner bone bridge

It is completely enclosed inside the armoured baffle to avoid damage to the metal structure caused by wind and rain. It acts as a bridge between pressure and pressure.


 Partial Detail Analysis  


⑤ T-U191.png


A: Built-in iron skeleton, fixed wiper, evenly distribute pressure, and make the scraping cleaner.

B: The joint is aligned with the bracket of the bracket steel plate, and then the joint is snapped into the base.

C: The wind deflector design of the deflector. Using wind pressure to make the wiper closer to the windshield, this design is more suitable for the form of scraping.

D: High-quality steel sheet. The steel sheet is made of high-quality high-elastic steel, and the wiper blade is precisely customized according to the curvature of the window surface to ensure the best wiping effect.

The pressure is evenly distributed over the length of the wiper blade that the window contacts, ensuring optimum visibility and safety in harsh weather conditions.

E: AA rubber, from Malaysia ( one of the best rubbers in the world recognized . )

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