T-X8-C Multifunctional Wiper Blade Shocking Struck



T-X8-C Multifunctional Wiper Blade Shocking Struck

Postview: 262       Date:March 30, 2022

TOPEX wiper blade,advanced wiper blade,high-performance

flat wiper blade manufactured by Topex factory.



Topex has been committed to research, innovation and create, customer service for the purpose.

After a long period of research, launched T-97s upgraded version of T-X8-C.


T-X8-C contains a number of advanced technology, combined with aerodynamic principles,

Special-designed spoiler provides proper pressure onto the window which reduces the wind resistance.

So that the perfect combination of scraper and windshield;Fit for most of the car.


1.Latest high performance rubber formula-100% natural rubber,which is anti-heat anti-ultraviolet,anti-cold,can work well in different climate of the world.

2.Low noise, water and strong, reduce the burden on the motor, soft and not scratch the windshield.

3.Rubber with special formulation makes sure clear view in long lifetime and good performance under harsh conditions between -40℃and 80℃.

4.The latest duct design: effectively solve the wiper quickly scraping with water, bad water back to the situation; to ensure that the cleanest scraper, intelligent automatic adjustment of pressure.

5.Wiper size: 12 “-32” (1 “= 25MM).



To China’s motor car as a symbol of the concept of the pursuit of force and dynamic into the modern design, better texture, each joint connection is simple.

Multifunctional Connectors: Fit for more than 99% cars.



8 in 1 multifunctional wiper blade brand.

Award America and EU patent certificate I applying process,14 pieces patent in china .

Passed international quality standard ISO-9001.



No stripes wipe, give you a clear visible field of view. Be sure to hear the “click” sound before installing the front adapter

Available in a variety of styles and sizes. (Please be careful when installing)


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