The dangers of counterfeit wiper blade


Wiper blades are essential to driving safety .



If the wiper blade does not work well ,

If we can’t get a clear view ,

How dangerous is driving .



A good wiper blade must have :


Strong wiper and good windshield fit


Does not scratch the windshield, anti-corrosion and low

noise .



The rubber surface treatment process of fake and inferior wiper blades cannot meet the requirements and cannot be closely fitted to the windshield glass .


When wiping water , the phenomenon of unclean shaving , watermark and abnormal noise will appear .


Even scratched the windshield .

Or the frictional resistance between the wiper blade and the windshield is too large , which increases the load of the wiper motor .



The holder of the inferior wiper blade is of poor material , and the surface treatment is not easy , and it is easy to rust .


In addition , the pressure of the support cannot guarantee the effective pressure and contact area between the wiper blade and the

windshield .



Inferior wiper blades have poor rubber materials , 

after a short period of use , they will harden 、 crack 、 and partially peel off 、which can not achieve a good wipe effect .







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