The harm of inferior wiper blade


The wiper blade is very important for driving safety .


A good wiper blade must have :


1 . Strong scraping ability


2. Fit the windshield


3. Do not scratch the windscreen


4. Corrosion resistance and low noise




If you choose fake or inferior wipers , then it may bring unnecessary trouble to your daily travel .



1. Unable to effectively clean stains on the glass during daily driving ;


2. Bad weather conditions , disturbing or blocking the view of windshield ;


3. In winter , when the temperature is below zero , rubber will harden and cause cracking .


4. In high temperature weather in summer , rubber is easy to leach and have holes .




To sum up :


The bracket material of fake wiper blade is poor, the surface is easy to rust;Increase motor load .


The pressure of bracket of fake wiper blade cannot guarantee the effective pressure and contact area of wiper blade and windscreen .


Shoddy rain blade can not achieve a good scraping effect .








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