Importance of the wiper blade and the necessary checks


Regarding the importance of car wiper blades and maintenance inspections .


many experienced drivers do not know the four powerful functions of wiper blade .



Determine the position of the left wheel during driving .


( Especially for novice drivers , it is difficult to grasp the actual position of the wheel . )




The wiper helps the driver to determine the wheel position well .


As we all know : the left wiper has a raised node . When the node is combined with the ground object, it means that the left wheel of the car will be depressed and the left wheel of the car will press the center line .



2. Determining the distance of the centerline of approximately 60 cm ensures the safety of the car while driving .



3. The method of judging the position of the right wheel is the same as the method of judging the position of the left wheel, and can also be judged by whether the node of the wiper intersects the target object .



4. Help to park on the side .



How to use car wiper blade ?


Icon – work manually .



Push the pusher up and the wiper starts working in a continuous manner .


After releasing the hand, the putter automatically returns to the position and the wiper stops working .



OFF – The front wiper stops working .


INT – automatic intermittent work .


LO – work continuously .


HI – continuous high speed work .



Note: The control of the rear wiper blade is independent of the front wiper blade (although on the same pusher) .

Even if the front wiper blade is set to the OFF position, the rear wiper blade can perform separate work .



Be sure to pay attention to the maintenance of the wiper blade, especially the glass water should be sufficient; the wiper blade that normally opens / closes .







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