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☞☞   Patent science :

Q: What is a patent application right?

A: Patent application is to point to an invention is generated, enjoys the invention of the unit or individual to the administrative department for patent under the state council put forward application for a patent, the request in accordance with the law to protect the exclusive rights of the invention.


How to determine the scope of protection of the design patent ?

Patent law 56, paragraph 2, of the patent law stipulates that the scope of protection of the patent right of design shall be subject to the design of the patented product in the picture or photograph.The protective scope of the design is embodied in the image or photo of the patented design.



TOPEX wiper blade,advanced wiper blade,high-performance


flat wiper blade manufactured by Topex factory.



8 in 1 multifunctional wiper blade brand.

Award America and EU patent certificate I applying process,14 pieces patent in china .

Passed international quality standard ISO9001.

Each adapter corresponds to a connector.



China Pantent No :

201730207875.3  201730207874.9  201730207861.1  201730207836.3

201730207835.9  201730207743.0  201710388880.8  201730207773.1

201720606139.x  201730207763.8  201730207730.3  201730207600.x

201730207595.2  201730207606.7


①. Dupoont Elastomer material , heat & cold resistant , age resistant , ametabolic .

②. Super qualified alloy spring steel , elasticity pressure without distortantion, lining staineless steel sleeve make wiper scrape more stable and balance.

③. Latest high performance rubber formula can work well in different climate of the word

④. Rubber surface with Teflon treatment resist ultraviolet radiation and noise.



The professional manufacturer of the wiper blade.




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