The rainy season continues. Let’s talk about wipers !



The rainy season continues. Let’s talk about wipers !

Postview: 221       Date:March 30, 2022

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. It is already summer solstice before you know it. Driving in rainy days, whether the vehicle’s windshield wiper is used directly determines the visual field of the driver . 


                                                          Precautions for using wipers. 


Q: Can a boneless wiper be replaced with a boneless wiper ?

A: Usually have bone wipers can be replaced the original car for boneless wiper, but is not suitable for every car use boneless wiper, some models after replacement for boneless wiper will appear without the net, so according to the specific models of choose and buy .



Q: Why isn’t the wiper clean ? 

A: Generally wiper strip on the coarse wiper, wiper blade Angle is incorrect, have the stains will not cause wiper net, but most of the wiper shave no net because of wiper blades caused by aging, need to replace the windshield wiper .



                                                         『 How to buy a windshield wiper? 

♠  Choosing the right windshield wiper brand is important .

Note: One of the top ten national brands of Chinese windshield wipers .


♣  The size is right .

Note: Car windshield wipers are divided into general and special windshield wipers with different sizes. Moreover, the front windshield wipers of most vehicles are long and short .


♦ Select the correct interface type .

Note: Wiper has a variety of fasteners, such as U, side and straight.Among them, the highest proportion is the u-shaped interface. Of course, some models have special interfaces, which need to be replaced by the repair shop .


                                                         『 Precautions for using wipers. 


⇔  Avoid dry scraping .


⇔  Use a special cleaner .


⇔  Manually remove stubborn stains .



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