The windshield wiper blade creaked



The windshield wiper blade creaked

Postview: 262       Date:March 30, 2022


The croaking of the wiper blade scraping the glass is actually a very common driving problem .

But this kind of noise is always very uncomfortable , so it is better to solve it as soon as possible .


So how to eliminate the rubbing noise of the wiper blade and the glass  ?

First of all , we need to understand what causes the abnormal noise of the wiper blade .


The reason why the wiper blade causes the glass to croak


1 . Foreign matter on the wiper blade


If there is a foreign body between the wiper blade and the windshield ,

not only will there be a croaking noise when the glass is being scraped , but also the scraping effect will be greatly affected , and there will be a certain safety hazard .


Therefore , after passing through places with relatively poor road conditions , it is best to check the wiper blades for foreign objects, and clean them as soon as possible .


wiper blade creaked


2 . The quality of the wiper blade

Bad quality wiper blades have poor resistance to the rubber components inside .

They are prone to rubber aging ( rough ) under long-term sun exposure , and there will naturally be croaking noises under working conditions .

At this time , we only need to use abrasive paper to smooth the rubber .


3 . Angle of wiper blade


The angle of the wiper blade is also one of the factors , because the wrong angle will cause the wiper blade to jump on the windshield , causing abnormal noise ; at this time , the owner only needs to adjust the angle by himself .

Of course , the pressing force of the wiper should not be too large , otherwise it will aggravate the abrasion of the glass .



4 . There is a problem with the linkage mechanism .


The problem of the linkage mechanism is generally due to continuous use or irregular use , resulting in deformation , rust , and abnormal noise .

In normal use , do not use it for a long time or use it continuously . It is best to have a few seconds in between .


Especially in winter , if the wiper blade is frozen , you must not use the wiper blade compulsorily . You must wait for it to defrost before using it .


If the wiper is not clean , the simplest and most effective solution is to replace the wiper blade directly .

Generally , the wiper blade is recommended to be replaced every 6-12 months .



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