The windshield wipers? Just use this little piece of paper



The windshield wipers? Just use this little piece of paper

Postview: 197       Date:March 30, 2022

Now, almost every family can have a car wiper although it is small, the wind blows, the rain pours the bad weather, on which all your safety, if in this life and death moment, wiper scraped clean and that’s really me!

Small make up a dedicated to interview the mechanic, consulting a lot of questions about the wiper blade the scraping the fuzzy, after the impending nuptials, don’t know don’t know and stop posture by the teacher, finally spoke better tips, and spend a little money, has a strong effect.

First of all you should go to see whether their car wirer blade installation Angle has a problem, won’t it doesn’t matter, you can root comparing other people’s car or adjust to try more, than to go to 4s shop to spend hundreds of dollars to save trouble.
Second, if the problem is not Angle, there may be because the wiper blade used for too long, the corrosion of acid rain or aging, this is spend five cents to buy sponge brush a brush, the effect is very surprising, than it is not a few hundred dollars. Let me introduce you to the other vehicles.

Subvert the tradition concept of repair, and diamond as materials double-sided arc shape design, more wear-resisting, repair is more efficient, product appearance design prototype for eye box, far look like a god eyes , more fashionable.

The use of advanced professional equipment formulation of environmental protection of European standard water purification process, 64 layer water purification process, the high quality glass water made by deionizer water and all kinds of environmental, antifreeze, anti-static, anti-corrosion, etc.

Special clean car windshields, rearview mirror and the car doors and Windows, can quickly decompose the oil film, shellac, tree sticky, such as bird droppings dirt, clean the glass surface, long transparent crystal, glass, no optimal driving.

For pipes of various attributes, ascending pipe materials quality, flexibility, close aspects of performance, everywhere, no leaking, thickening new material adequate weight, don’t trample, compression resistance to fall out of shape not easily.
Exact match your models, fully meet the high quality wiper rigid requirements, tailored for you car, stability and beautiful degree, will your backpack, is a very nice experience.