The wiper will be scrapped! A few things about snow removal .

1:  Snow removal tool


The snowy weather is likely to cause some trouble for vehicles parked in the open air. How to remove snow? What special tools are there? In order to make it easier for everyone to understand and maintain, we have summarized some snow removal tools and precautions, and hope to help everyone .



  • First blow with the wind


Some friends see that when the vehicle is covered with snow, they will be eager to remove the snow first, which is not the best way. You can start the vehicle first, turn on the air conditioner or warm air of the vehicle, and clean the snow while blowing the glass. This will do more with less. Maybe a friend would ask if the cool breeze is useful ? This method is useful for blowing ice slag on glass .



  • Preparation tools



Even if you don’t drive after snow, you should clean up the snow in time. Otherwise, it will snow in the day, but it will probably freeze at night. The next day, you can’t open the door or the window, so use the tools to clean up the snow in time. Important .



★  Glove


Gloves are a must for winter. Even if there are no tools, you can do simple snow removal work by wearing gloves .


★  Towel


I believe that most car owners will have some towels or rags in the car. They are the same as gloves. Although they can’t talk about the snow on the body, they can also save the emergency. It is fast and effective for cleaning soft snow, but the towel is not so good for the ice on the glass. It is easy to get the towel out of a pile of thread .



★  Snow shovel / brush


If the city you are staying in often has heavy snow in winter, it is recommended to have two special snow removal tools, which are much stronger than using gloves every day. One is a dedicated snow shovel and the other is a brush. In short, the tool that can sweep a large area without damaging the paint can be used .




The last part is. . . It’s the car coat 



If you don’t park your car in the basement, you can also do some preventive measures, such as hanging clothes before snowing. The overall protection of the overall clothes is best, but if you want to remove the clothes, you will not For small projects, it is still necessary to remove the snow before it can be done. In addition, it is not a comfortable thing to imagine that a large group of wet clothes can be stored. Therefore, for snow protection, you can use the front windshield partial clothing, installation and Storage is also convenient .



2. What should I pay attention to when removing snow ?



Our main character wiper …



Since the wiper is made of rubber and fits well with the windshield, it is possible to freeze the wiper on the glass when it is snowing. In this state, if the wiper is light, the wiper will be damaged, and the wiper strip will be torn off .



Of course, some friends like to use the method of lifting glass to remove the snow on the side window, and use the sealing strip under the window as the “scraping board”. This method is sometimes very useful. However, it should be noted here that the freshly falling snow is no problem, but if it is already frozen snow, it will hurt the car. First, the strip will be damaged. Secondly, if the edge is frozen, the falling window will affect the life of the window lift motor, and even the motor will burn out .



The above is the small snow storming trick that Topex has to offer you .


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  • Summary :


Although it is very romantic, it will have a certain impact on people’s travel, especially those who drive. Therefore, we also remind you that snow must be cleared as soon as possible after the snow, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble .







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