This thing is inconspicuous but still pay attention



This thing is inconspicuous but still pay attention

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How to use a manual wiper ?


1When the rainfall is small

When you are out of the rain, don’t rush to open the wiper. At this time, the water on the front window is insufficient, and the wiper is dry, only scratches the mud and damages the wiper. Remember to spray the glass water first when you turn it on, and then start to scrape.


2、When the rainfall is large

When the rainfall is large, it is necessary to increase the frequency of the wiper in time. If the rain is too heavy, the wiper is crazy, and you can’t guarantee the view. It is recommended to stop by the rain and let the rain go a little longer. Don’t forget to drive the fog light and double flash when parking.


3 To avoid dry wiper

Many car owners will encounter a thick layer of dirt, dust and leaves on the windshield when they travel. After getting on the bus, they will use the wiper to remove the dirt. In the process, there is no first spray point water. The wiper is a consumable item. If you use a wiper to clean the hard parts on the windshield, it will be easy to shape the wiper. So the best way is to clean the windshield by hand. Miscellaneous, then spray water, then use a wiper.



4、How to do not let the wiper strip harden

Usually, you can clean the wiper blade yourself when you are free, but you need to be careful that the cleaning agent used should not contain ammonia. Generally speaking, the soap and disinfectant used in the home contain ammonia, which is the killer that causes the rubber to harden.



Therefore, the owner should remember to choose a special cleaning agent to “care” the car.



Even if it is snowing, why can’t I set the wiper up for a long time ?


  • Gale — rain and snow will blow the wind, a strong wind blows, the wiper will smash down, the windshield will be broken. Even if it is not windy, the spring hardness of the wiper is very high. When the recycling is done, the wiper is accidentally bounced back. The thing that breaks the windshield is not without it.


  • The purpose of the rain brush Many people say that the rain brush is frozen on the glass. Is it frozen on the glass? Then someone said that when I got to the glass and got on the car, I couldn’t scrape it when I wiped it with a wiper. Note, this is called a wiper, not a snow brush, not a scraper. If it is snowing, please use a professional snow brush! The following can recommend a snow brush for you: T-1000 multi-fit snow wiper blade



T-1000 multi-fit snow wiper blade



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What if the wiper is frozen on the windshield ?


Two ways:

First, turn on the warm wind and blow the front windshield.

Second, pour the winter glass water up and then it will be opened. After the wiper is turned on, you will find that the wiper is also tightly attached to the windshield, and the type has not changed.



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