Three tips to clean the wiper



Three tips to clean the wiper

Postview: 162       Date:March 30, 2022

The effect of car wipers on driving safety in rainy days is very important , especially in some cities with more sand, the car’s wiper is easy to be damaged in the rainy days by the sand impurities in the rain, so the wiper is timely cleaning can not be ignored.


Use the wiper to clean

The wiper can quickly remove the stubborn dirt, oil stains, rain stains, etc. on the windshield, and form a protective film to prevent the adhesion of dust and oil. The special raw material will also form a protective film on the wiper rubber sheet to protect The wiper strip does not dry out and is known as one of the largest consumer products for car maintenance.


Note: When using the wiper, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the ultra-concentrated wiper only needs to be mixed with water, usually in the ratio of 1:15. After blending, no additional additives need to be added.


Polished with water sandpaper


First put the wiper and sandpaper into the water, wait for a minute to remove it, and sand the wiper with sandpaper. Pay special attention to smoothing the strip in the wiper to make it a good retrofit.


Rubber protector enhances wiper life

At present, the wiper strip protector on the market is very similar to a microphone pen, and is usually a bonus item for cleaning products such as wiper cleaner. When the wiper strip is used, the strip will increase the lubricity of the wiper while extending the elasticity of the wiper.


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