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On March 20th, Topex started class!The theme of <The annual topex > by Jacky is officially kicked off!


Recently, the Topex issued by X8 series Wiper products, special in details about how to do by X8 series wiper on the acme of perfection, let customers experience the Rio tinto employees are sent when making good intention.The true spirit of “craftsman” and “craftsmanship”!The consumer’s “safety” is guaranteed !


Quality standard <<<

Strictly carry out ISO9001

Final product acceptance rate: 98%

Customer satisfaction rate: 96%

Timely handling rate of customer complaints:100%



The study launched in March quarter “staff training”. Topex technology in the classroom, including plant management, training class “employee code”, “product knowledge”, the key points of installation, production supervision and management, “safety first”…Etc.



What are the precautions in production?

Windshield wiper installation.

The normal operation of the factory.

Mechanical maintenance.

Do you understand ?



                                                                                       Carefully documented employees.


Training suggests that large-scale production is being promoted.In mid-february, topex has expanded capacity and opened multiple industrial chains.Let everyone together with the enterprise grow up quickly !


“The trees of kangtai, from the maolin, the trees of the forest, the wind must be broken.”A tall, healthy tree must have grown from a dense forest, and if it leaves the forest, it will be broken by the wind.The competition between enterprises and enterprises is not individual competition, but team competition.As employees, managers and even family members, they should pay attention to learning and growing, and contribute their own strength to the development of enterprises.



Topex factory management training courses, whether managers or employees, keep pace with The Times and offer quality training courses to enrich their experience.



Introduction to the isometric management mode:

Plan operation module :  divide the production task from execution and time to the smallest unit, so that each person is equal to the task.

Implementation force lifting module :  through repeated inspection and accountability, improve the execution force, so that each person and the action execution between the equal distance.

Site module :  by packaging, assembly and operation, each person and the job site between the equal distance.

员工规则:  通过每个人,所有时间和所有事情进行自我管理,以便每个人和自我管理可以相互分离。








♥ 为了确保擦拭器的质量和安全性,实现了刷雨功能的最大化。挡风玻璃刮水器的耐久性,耐腐蚀性和耐老化性。Topex根据适用的国际,国家和行业标准,模拟雨刷工作模式和环境对产品和组件进行严格的性能测试。






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