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You Just Need One Action To Length The Lifespan Of Your Wiper Blade
We have a customer who has bothered with some problems for a long time, he ask me in Facebook, he told me within half a month, he has changed several times of wiper blades. For a very short time will come up with leakage, streaks and etc., he really want to know how to length the lifespan of wiper blades, now let me tell your guys, if you have the same problem, please don’t miss this passage.
Under bad weather, high temperature, rain, snow, sand and dust conditions easy to accelerate aging or deformation. The following tips can prolong the lifespan of wiper blades.
It must have water when doing wiping performance
The “edge” of wiper blades is very fragile, if got anything on your windshield glass will damage to the wiper.

Use qualified glass-water
Many people use tap water instead of wiper water, it isn’t a good choice. Glass-water both have the ability to protect windshield and wiper blades, using the qualified glass-water and largely prolong the lifespan of wiper blades.

Doing cleaning timely
If you find any attachment on the strip you should clean it timely. While, use the wet cloth to clean the strip, if you find that there is bird droppings dirt on the glass, you also should clean it timely. Although windshield won’t corrode, wiper blade will damage from the dirt.

Set up the wiper when long-term unused
When set up the wiper, you can avoid dust adhesion between the strip and the windshield, there will be no debris when using wiper blade again.

In general, if you maintenance wiper good, it can be used for a year. if you are in sand area, you should pay more attention to your wiper blade. In addition, if you go for wiping performance, flat wiper blade is your first choice for comparatively light and even stress.