How to Chose A Proper Wiper Blade?

Wiper blade such a little spare part, small but important. Many drivers would probably not care about it, however, it is really crucial to chose a good wiper blade.
A high quality wiper blade must have the ability to resistance hot, cold, acid and alkali, corrosion and perfect fit the windshield, no noise, well wiping performance, soft rubber (to prevent windshield from scraping), so, when you chose wiper blade, you should pay attention to the following points:
Which connectors do you have?
Most new cars use easy, hook-style wiper blade connectors. While in some specific car models the connectors may different, you need to check which kind of connector your car is then to choose the right wiper blade to fit the connector.
Confirm the connection methods and specifications.
Some wiper arm is screwed to the rocker arm while, some are locked with convex completely. So, it’s really important to confirm the connection methods before you buy wiper blade. Otherwise, you can check the owner’s manual to find your right size.
Do you need silicone protection?
Most wiper blades are made of rubber, and this old standby still works great; in one leading wiper blade test, all of the top performers are standard rubber blades. However, pricey silicone wiper blades are favored by off-roaders, who say they shrug off heavy mud and dirt. Also, many owners — particularly those who live in climates with scorching summers — praise the silicone blades’ superior durability. So if your car has to deal with extreme conditions, either on or off the road, silicone wiper blades might be worth the high cost.
Judge the condition of wiper blade.
To get the most from your existing wipers, inspect them periodically. Lift each wiper arm off the glass and run your finger along its rubber edge. If the rubber is rigid or chipped, or produces nonstop streaking, you need new wipers.
Check the wiping speed in a certain speed.
Put the wiper blade in different position to check the wiping speed, especially pay attention to the inactive condition to see whether the wiper blade is in a certain speed or not, if it does, congratulations you got the quality wiper blade.
Check the wiping performance.
If the contact surface of rubber and glass surface cannot be fully fit may cause the bad wiping performance, which means your wiper blade is in bad quality.

Many people think that wiper blade length is the longer the better, the wiping area is the bigger the better, the vision is the clearer the better. Actually, long wiper blade will increase the wiping area to extend the view visible range but at the same time will also increase the burden of wiper motor and wiper arm.