The Second Talk
In the first talk I have mentioned that “windshield wiper” is a small accessory but puzzled many companies. That is the fact. In the process of wiping performance, there comes so many problems which has caught the Manufacturers, dealers, repair shop and users off guard. So in this talk, I will share some common problems you often encounter in daily life.
Abnormal Sound
Generally, it’s the most annoying thing when you are driving a noise come into your ears to Scattered your attention right from the windshield wiper. When I originally manufacture the wiper blade, I always thought that the reason of abnormal sound must be because the problem of the quality of the rubber, while under the long-lasting in-depth study, finally I find there are many factors to cause abnormal sound.
1. Harsh Noise
To father this situation is due to unreasonable formula of rubber and irrationality of surface oxidation treatment on rubber. In general case, this kind of noise will come out in the first three days, as time goes on, it will more serious. These windshield wipers are usually identified as unqualified products. Of course, there are other reasons nothing to do with quality of wiper blade. For example, your car often parking where there is smoke in which make the windshield gathered with a layer of oil. For another situation, you may use the inferior auto glass cleaner.
2. Rustle
A “rustling” sound is usually caused by unreasonable hardness of the rubber. Most of rubber manufacturers will control the degree of rubber’s hardness about 60. If the hardness is high not only can affect the hanging brush effect is also easy to generate rustling sound. Another reason is caused by rubber unused too long.
3. Put-Put
Due to the different structures of rubber may cause varying degrees of put-put sound. If the noise no effect to your attention, we generally take this sound as a normal sound.
4. Squeak
• In general, when wiper used for over half month may come out this noise. For different rubbers have different ability of resistance to permanent deformation, so it’s uneasy to confirm when the noise came out for sure. If the rubber has the high ability of resistance to permanent deformation, you don’t worry about that. Next, the hardness of the rubber is lower than 58 degree also can generate this noise. Moreover, unreasonable spring radian generates insufficient braced force to reduce the contact surface between rubber and spring.
Ineffective wiping performance
1. Interrupt leakage Scraping
Many people think that the pressure of spring is depend on the curved radian, in fact that was not the case. The pressure of spring is depend on how smoothness the arc of spring in middle about 8cm is. The more curved the greater pressure. If the pressure is too large may prone to interrupt leakage scraping, otherwise, if the pressure is too small, easy to cause deformation of rubber.
2. bilateral Scraping leakage
Leakage on bilateral of the scraping is general caused by the following two cases. The first is due to the radian of of the spring does not reach the designated position. Secondly, the hardness of rubber is too high that impact the Joint level. If the hardness is higher than 65 degrees may cause bilateral Scraping leakage easily.
3. Middle Scraping leakage
Usually, we divided the wiper blade into two parts which is the most difficult parts to training. There are several reasons as following: first, the radian of the steel is slippery; second, the hardness of rubber is unreasonable; finally, the radian of two spring differ too much.
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