The Sixth Talk
No squeaking No chattering

In the rainy season, one of the most annoying problems is squeaking leakage or chattering. If your wiper doing bad performance will affect the sight of driving even more there are many reasons that cause the wiper chattering. Now let me tell you exactly what went wrong.
In general, if your wiper blades have squeaking or chattering, you should go first with the windshield’s oil film. Because the car for long time use the windshield will be accumulated with suspended particles exhaust gas and oil easily. So, there comes the problem, how to judge the glass oil film does exist? If the windshield poured a bucket of water, water quickly faded, and formed many small water droplets in the windshield, that means the windshield with oil film; if it is a clean windshield, the water will be faded slowly, and will form a water film on the windshield.
Because there is a oil film on the windshield, so after watering has a lot of small water droplets at the top.

How to remove the oil film? First, you should water the windshield, then pour the oil film agent on the sponge ( attention to set up the wiper arm) , next with sponge in concentric circles direction scrub of small area, remove oil film, water damage, the old coating completely then water it again. At this time, you will find water will come into being a layer of water film on the windshield, if the water flowing down soon, there will be no residual water droplet), then dry cloth is complete.

After removing the oil film now check your wiper blade, touch the rubber with your hand, if you feel the material has hardened that means you need to change your wiper blade or rubber. If not, then use the cloth covered the wiper to scrub back and forth for few times. Next put some lubricant into wiper blade, such as molybdenum disulfide lubricant.

If you doing former action, the wiper is still squeaking and chattering, now you should check the angle of wiper arm, the angle must be vertical no migration, if so, we can use the adjustable coin hands caught in the wiper arm, turn up gently, adjust the angle of the wiper and glass as vertical. And then check the conditions have improved, if still no, may be used under too much pressure, can relax appropriately, then you can use a screwdriver or pliers, pine spring spacing, and try again, attention don’t get too loose will cause the bad wiping performance.

If the spring used for a long time, it’s uneasy to generate enough pressure, so it will influence the fit between wiper blade and windshield to cause squeaking and chattering. If you try the above method still did not improve squeaking and chattering, you should change a new wiper blade seriously.