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The reason of wiper blade degradation
1. Rain and some materials( sand, mud, dust, foreign matter) will wear the blade;

2. Rain and cleaner (acid or alkali) will corrode the coating of bracket:

3. Rain and cleaner (acid or alkali) will corrode the rubber;

4. Paraffin and automobile exhaust (oil content) cause chattering and pollution;

5. Cold and low temperature (snow, ice) make rubber become hard and brittle;

6. High temperature ( windshield, sunniness) will make rubber crack;

7. Rubber damaged ( Ultraviolet, ozone);

8. Rubber suffer pressure from wiper arm for a long time;

9. Sunlight UV ultraviolet spectrum, and the temperature, humidity will do harm to the coating of bracket;

10. Long-term work generates some normal damage to rubber.
1. Texting under168H salt spray 240H warm soak and acid and alkali conditions to ensure wiper blade can wiping and without rusting metal parts and shedding coating.

2. Topex wiper blade exposure in the sun for 240 hours has no crack.

3. The coating of bracket with UV-resistance treatment can effectively resist radiation of ultraviolet, for long-term use without affecting the appearance.

4. Topex wiper blade using specific formula technology and structural design, even rubber suffer pressure from wiper arm for a long time with excellent wiping performance.

5. Topex wiper blade After 1.5 million times bending resistance and wear mass loss test to ensure the normal lifespan of wiper blade; the rubber with unique process can reduce the friction between the blade and windshield effectively give you a easier wiping performance and longer lifespan.

6. Topex wiper blade has strong ability to resistance acid and alkali, under all kinds of circumstances won’t discolor, crack, volume expansion etc. under minus 40 degrees has no abnormal wiping performance.

What’s the type of wiper blade degradation?
1. Rubber Cracks: rubber has its certain lifespan, after be in hot cold acid and alkali conditions it’s inevitable to crack.
2. Rubber Rip Off: the neck region of rubber ripped off when in the wiping process the blade failed to doing quality wiping performance on the windshield.
3. Rubber Hardening: Due to the rubber are under the blazing sun for quite a long time and high temperature changes quickly make wiper rubber get hardening and loss of elasticity.
4. Bracket damaged: excessive use cause the active part of bracket got rust or loosed.
5. Rubber worn: bad weather, long-term use, abnormal rubber formula caused the edge of rubber got rotten or totally worn.