Postview: 139       Date:March 30, 2022


Any driver will know that your windscreen wiper blades are arguably one of the most important safety features on your vehicle.

Your wiper blades serve to wipe away any liquid, ice and dirt that might be obstructing your view from your car windscreen quickly and smoothly, providing you with a clear view of the road ahead. If your vision of the road is poor then there is a greater risk that you will be involved in a road accident.

Therefore, it is vitally important to ensure that your wiper blades are in good working order and quite quality.

How to ensure your wiper blade is good or not, compare to other wiper blade brand what merits your wiper blade are? Why people should choose your wiper blade? Everybody know how important the raw materials is. But due to high costs and high profit, many manufacturer chose the other way. In topex, you shouldn’t be worried. Now. I am going to tell raw materials of topex wiper blade, you can totally see how we work.

The connecting and drive links and the pivots that move the wipers are made of galvanized steel. Galvanization is the process of applying zinc coating to steel to protect it from corrosion. Drive arms for boats and vehicles used in the marine industry are made of stainless steel that resists damage from salt water. The wiper suspension and claws are also galvanized steel. The galvanizing zinc coating is easier to paint than uncoated steel. Steel is also the material in the small parts of wipers, such as washers, screws, nuts, springs, and brackets.

The blade frame is made from aluminum. The blades are made of natural rubber or synthetic compounds. Some rubber blades are composites of soft rubber on the wiping edge (the squeegee surface) and firm rubber that supports the wiping edge in the rest of the blade.

Other materials that comprise parts of windshield wipers are rubber for washers in the pivots and plastic bushings that line holes for connecting parts of the linkage. The wiper suspension is typically painted black. If the wiper manufacturer also builds wiper systems, motors are purchased from subcontractors. The motors are contained in steel housings and include permanent magnet motors wound with copper wire. Each housing has connections for the electrical wires that are part of the vehicle and wiring harnesses are furnished specific to operating the wipers. Each motor also contains one or more electronic circuits depending on the sophistication of the system that the motor controls.

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