Postview: 152       Date:March 30, 2022

Jacky the founder of TOTEX WIPER BLADE, a non-technical educated automobile wiper blade manufacturer, 2006 he involved in the automotive industry, due to his meticulous and painstaking research for windshield wiper, Topex Wiper Blade undoubtedly to be one of the most professional brands in china.

You may wonder, why we do this series, “Wiper is an art, in which it covers a lot of knowledge” as he said always. In this series, we will do some introduction about windshield wiper.

The first talk: misunderstanding

“Windshield wiper” a small accessories which can arouse a love-hate feelings in auto parts producers and sellers, “Love” for its amazing sales, “Hate” for its awkward to stumped a lot of big companies although it just a small part. From 1917 the first hand-cranked windshield wiper to today’s hybrid boneless windshield wiper it has experienced over 100 years of improvement. In nearly a decade as the explosion of domestic car market, wiper after-sale market is unusually hot. There come out many wiper blade brands with evenly price. As an automobile person a good product we always hunt for, but in the process of selecting the wiper products we easily walked into the following errors, only for reference.

Flat Wiper Blade Has Poor Wiping Performance And Shorter Lifespan Than Conventional Wiper

The wiping performance and the lifespan are not depend on whether it has “bone” or not, but how the wiper structure parts match; whether parts matching scientific or not; whether the material is high quality or not; whether it has excellent craftsmanship or not; all closely linked with wiping performance and lifespan. The working principle of conventional wiper is to distribute the force of wiper arm evenly on blade to form the dots force, then transform these force into the rubber to fit the windshield perfectly. So the fit degree between rubber and windshield is directly related to the proportion of each part of conventional wiper. However, The working principle of flat wiper blade is to using the spring to distribute the linear force directly from the wiper arm to rubber. In theory, linear force is much evenly than dots force, obviously the wiping performance of flat wiper blade should be superior to conventional wiper blade. So the lifespan of wiper blade is totally none of business with the “bone”. One under the same materials, craftsmanship, service environment conditions but in uneven force will have different service time.

Take Care of Aesthetic but Practicability

Currently, so many windshield wiper manufacturers pay more attention to the aesthetic but practicability when choosing wiper blade. We can’t deny the importance of the wiper blade’s appearance also It’s one of the most intuitive elements to guide consumption, however windshield wiper is a functional part but decorative part, therefore, no matter how flowery the windshield wiper was designed to be it must service the function. A well wiper can elevate wiping performance multiple, the same in true, an unreasonable design will lead to bad wiping performance.

Take Care of Rubber but Spring

Many wiper blade manufacturers when judging a wiper is good or not always focus on spring while rubber. Through feeling judge the merits of the rubber. However, unquestionable rubber is the most important components of the wiper but we can’t feel the quality just by feelings. What we can feel is very limited, only about hardness, elasticity, surface treatment technology. As for noise, wear-resisting, Corrosion, permanent deformation, cutting process, such data need to be test for over and over again to get the precision information. Moreover when doing wiper performance only can all parts fit perfectly done not rubber independently. Even if the rubber is in top quality without spring there still doesn’t work. So the hardness, tensile, radian of spring will directly affect the distribution of wiper arm’s pressure. A reasonable spring can remedy the insufficient of rubber, while even though the rubber is in top cannot offset inadequate of spring. If compare the wiper to a person, of spring is a men’s muscle and meridian, of rubber is a men’s skeleton, can you tell which one is more important?