Postview: 193       Date:March 30, 2022

The Third Talk

In the second talk I have talked about some common problems about abnormal sound and ineffective wiping performance. In this talk I will express some views about mist; chatter and single side leakage.

Some people when changing a new wiper blade may feel unsatisfied even they can’t feel abnormal sound side leakage and hassle vision. Why? With years rapid development on flat wiper blade, whether from the quality or quantity have a big leap. If we take this “mist” problem to the past, it’s hardly to feel. While, as people are increasingly demanding on the quality of the wiper, the phenomenon “mist” as one of the standard for judging the quality of the wiper.
What is the “mist”, “Mist” is refers to when wiper is doing performance neither leakage nor take silk, however on the windshield surface still remain some water which can’t evaporate quickly just like a layer of fog linger on the windshield for a long time. In fact, no matter how good the wiper blade is can leave a few water, while, a high quality wiper blade when doing wiping performance will resistance rare water and it will evaporate rapidly in 0.5 seconds, so as not to affect the driver’s line of sight. So “mist” is mainly caused by what reason?
1. Both the quality of the knife blade and the passivation of the blade can cause “mist”. Currently, a good rubber manufacturer generally adopts the blade which is made in Taiwan or South Korea which does not cause mist in general. But if the strip cutting time and cutting the number is too large will lead to “mist” easily caused by surface passivation.
2. Halogenated mishandling also can cause “mist”. No matter what kind of spraying material the rubber is, are required to pass through halogenated processing this process, if halogenated liquid formula is not reasonable or treat time is unreasonable all cause mist. There are dozens of raw material components of rubber. The rubber composition is less than 50%, the rest is made up of other chemical materials. The “wax” is one of the raw materials, if you add too much waxes, after rubber be cut the wax will overflow as time goes by. And these waxes congeal into the “mist”.

Shaking or chattering of wiper is not only caused by blade’s quality, any wiper will have a slight chattering at work, but if chattering range is too large, that’s an abnormal phenomenon. So what is the cause of wiper chattering?
1. The matching of wiper base and sheet steel are not enough precision. Generally, the gap between wiper base and spring should be controlled between 0.2mm to 0.5mm, if the gap is too big or small may easy to cause chattering.
2. Uneven pressure of spring. Flat wiper blade is through the radian of spring to distribute the pressure evenly, if the radian of the spring is out of control or the material of the spring is unstable all can cause chattering.
3. Spring’s halogenated improper handling and surface lubrication materials mishandle may lead to rubber astringent phenomenon, when rubber in fiction with the glass in the process wiping performance if the rubber is over astringent will strengthen the pressure of wiper motor. While each of the wiper motor is fixed, when motor can’t bear the pressure can produce wiper jitter, chattering or wiper motor scrap phenomenon.
4. The leverage of wiper aging and corrosion will lead to chattering.
5. Aging of wiper motor will also cause a large wiper chattering.

Single Side Leakage
Single side leakage is refers to when wiping is doing performance from whatever up to down or the opposite, will come out the unclear vision. Actually this kind of phenomenon is often encountered. The reason of this phenomenon is mainly related to the following points:
1. Firstly, we put the flat wiper blade into two kind, double spring and single spring. The two spring’s radian of double spring wiper blade inconformity will lead to single side leakage. While, the size of single spring wiper blade’ small claw will also lead to single side leakage.
2. Whether single spring or double spring, if the rubber in atypical slitting can lead to single side leakage.
3. The wiper arm is not parallel with glass can also lead to single side leakage.