The Fourth Talk

Before the three series we have talk the misunderstanding; abnormal sound; ineffective wiping performance; mist; chattering; single side leakage, now, we are going to mention a new Q&A.

The reason why wiper blades are easy to damage?
1. Sand and dust attached on the surface of glass come in to being small lumps to damage the rubber.
2. High temperature; ultraviolet radiation; ozone; acid contained in the rain will accelerate the ageing of rubber.
3. Wax, vehicle exhaust which contains a lot of oil are attached to the surface of glass to influence the wiping performance.
4. Ice and snow, low temperature will keep the rubber brittle, easily accumulation on the glass to aggravate the load of wiping.

How to extend the lifespan of wiper blade?

1. Regularly add glass cleaning fluid instead of tap water. The capacity of anti-oil and volatility are superior to tap water.
2. Make sure there is water in the glass surface when doing wiping performance, no dry scraping. Wiper strip is made of rubber materials, dry scraping will damage the strip.
3. Clean wiper strip and attachments on the surface of the glass timely, because these attachments may damage the strip. When cleaning, please gently scrub with a soft cloth dipped in glass cleaning fluid in order to avoiding damage from over forcibly.
4. Vehicles parked for a long time or parking in ice or snow weather please lift the wiper arm.